Get expert advice and find a solution tailored to your skin needs only for Php 1,500
No one does
laser facials
like Remedy.
No one does
laser facials
like Remedy.
Give your skin the best laser facials that target multiple skin concerns with results that keep on getting better each time!
Give your skin the best laser facials that target multiple skin concerns with results that keep on getting better each time!
Get clearer skin
after each session
Kills acne-causing bacteria
Prevents new breakouts
Lightens dark marks
Reduces oiliness
Tightens pores
Instant brightening and clarity
We deliver results.
Paui, 25
"This is me 4 days after treatment, make-up free, with skin super glowy. I haven't broken out like before again, my skin has been pretty okay. A once-in-a-while facial boosts my skin even more, so maybe glass skin might actually be possible."
Pau, 23
"A week after my first 360° Acne Scar Treatment, I could already see a big difference with my face. I could vouch how it's really effective in reducing your acne scars and red marks. I could say that this is really different and unique from all the other dermatologists out there because they are very specific in the care that they will give your skin."
Aldwin, 27
"Had my first Hollywood Laser Facial and Essential Cleanse experience at Remedy. I am thrilled with the instant result! I noticed improvements in just one session. I am looking forward to my next visit!"
Richel, 22
"Remedy and Dr. April really helped my face a lot in the past few months. I can immediately see some improvement in just 3 days! Definitely worth the investment!"

Get the right treatment
for your skin

PHP 11,200 / session
BEST FOR: Complete
Rejuvenation & Instant Results
PHP 9,000 / session
BEST FOR: Oily and Acne-prone Skin
PHP 6,000 - PHP 10,000 / treatment
BEST FOR: Red and Deep Acne Scars

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"But the real magic comes days after. My pores looked less prominent, oil production was definitely at a more normal rate and my skin felt and looked supple and moist even if I skipped on Vitamin C in the days that followed the Hollywood Laser Facial."
"To be honest I have never seen my pores so clean. My face was radiant even if there was no product applied to it."
"Throughout each step, there was no pain at all—just gentle motions on the face. The best part? The treatment lasts only 20-30 minutes!"
Clearer, smoother,
and brighter skin is just
one session away.