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Meet the doctors behind Remedy Skin Solutions!

If there’s anything we at Remedy know, the skin solutions our customers demand require the best team. Meet the dermatologists behind your Remedy.

Remedy Team

Coming up with solutions that go beyond the cure requires the right technique and technology, but above all, Remedy Skin Solutions wouldn’t be possible without the right team.

Personal origins and banking on an all-star team

As a skin clinic specializing in acne and acne scars, understanding just how personal an individual’s skin journey can be, and thus, the approach needed to treat it, is key. And when it comes to Remedy’s origins, it’s just about as personal as you can get. When you’re a teenager growing up with acne, one of the most frustrating aspects is the lack of control. Sometimes, having a good or bad day can be dictated by whether your skin is particularly inflamed, swollen, or red. But beyond the physical, acne’s impacts permeate deeper than the eye can see.

Such is the experience of Dr. April Geraldez-Rivera, or as the Remedy team simply calls her, Dr. April, Remedy’s co-founder, CEO, and Medical Director. The decision to begin Remedy, April shares, was fueled by years of education, professional expertise, and a whole lot of personal experience. “I grew up with acne, and I became a dermatologist to treat my acne,” she said. She continued, saying, “Given [acne’s] physical, emotional, and psychosocial impact, I really wanted to build a space where [patients] get proper education and effective treatment plans for their concerns.”

As acne continues to be the most common skin condition in the Philippines, April was able to zone in on a gap in the market, finding that nobody was specializing in acne and acne scars.

However, such a feat would require the help of clinic staff and dermatologists who share the same vision. When asked what the biggest asset of Remedy as a company was, April was quick to reply, “Our team,” pointing toward the collaboration needed when working together to solve problems and the committed focus required when taking care of their patients. Remedy also placed extra pride in the skills and expertise of their team, composed solely of board-certified dermatologists, prepared to respond to any of their patients' skin concerns. One of Remedy’s resident dermatologists, Dr. Hanna, shares the same sentiments when asked what the best thing about Remedy was. “The people,” she answered. “The staff is very warm [and] Dr. April is just a message away if we need guidance for the treatments.”

New innovations, discoveries, and holistic approaches

Having joined a month before the country went into lockdown, Dr. Hanna pointed toward the innovation that continues to set Remedy apart from other skin clinics. One unique thing about Remedy? “Virtual consultations,” she answered, referring to Remedy Online, the clinic’s one-on-one consultation program that brings patients the safest and most convenient dermatology visit ever. The virtual consultations allow our patients to access board-certified dermatologists and receive clinically-proven treatment plans from their own homes or, in many cases, from the comfort of the clinic. As a clinic valuing innovation, the experience isn’t also your typical “face-to-face with a laptop” video call. Remedy has invested in dedicated devices meant to replicate the interaction of a face-to-face consultation. The benefit also goes both ways. Remedy Online allows dermatologists to work from home, speak to patients minus the waiting and the traffic, or maximize safety while still in the clinic. The result? A complete, comprehensive, and holistic diagnosis and game plan, something valued by Dr. Cristina, another one of Remedy’s dermatologists.

Dr. Cristina shares, “I chose dermatology due to its visual nature. We dermas rely on morphologic clues together with other symptoms to arrive at a diagnosis – it’s like solving a puzzle,” something achievable through collecting the right puzzle pieces in thorough consultations with patients. She continued saying, “I’ve learned that it pays to discuss every aspect of the condition and the treatment. This enables the doctor to correct any misconception regarding the condition. It also helps build trust between the patient and the doctor.”

Having recently joined the team, Dr. Cristina also shared the incredible experiences she’s had during her first few weeks at Remedy. “It’s [really] a holistic approach,” she said, amazed at the approach taken by Remedy’s dermatologists when handling patients. “Each doctor spends time with a patient to discuss the problem at hand, to educate the patient on lifestyle, proper medications, and treatments.” Dr. Cristina also expressed wonder at the clinic's targeted treatments. “I was surprised with the 360 Acne Scar Treatment. It’s very different from what other clinics offer. It targets each scar based on what would work best rather than a single procedure that may not have that much results,” she said.

Building, and growing, and growing some more

“I was thrilled to see a very diverse population in Remedy. We get all kinds of patients,” Dr. Cristina shared. At the end of the day, the dermatologists all agree that Remedy’s number one priority is the patients.

“Fulfilling,” Dr. Hanna answered when asked to describe her work. “Even if we get tired after a day's full work, it's fulfilling to see patients happy about themselves and their prescribed treatments,” she continued.

Looking back on Remedy’s beginnings, April recalled how starting a new brand, especially in the hypercompetitive beauty market in the country, wasn’t easy. Add to the evolving body of knowledge surrounding skin and dermatology. After years in the dermatology industry, April noted changes in people’s personal approach and discernment of skincare, saying, “People are more perceptive; they look for social proof before trying new treatments.”

However, remaining true to Remedy’s science-backed, patient-centric approach was key to starting. “We felt that if we really focused and solved our patient’s problems, we could slowly build our business from there,” she said. And build they did. Dr. Hanna noted the growth in less than three years, sharing how much had changed since she joined more than a year ago. “The clinic is now bigger, we have more doctors on board, more staff in the clinic, and there's the Apothecary too,” she shared, speaking of Remedy’s recently launched brand of curated wellness products.

With an evolving menu of world-class, science-backed treatments, a growing team of experts, thousands of happy patients, and an upcoming expansion on the horizon, Remedy and its dermatologists continue to anchor their practice on the Remedy team’s support, their patient's trust, and of course, the series of holistic, effective, and innovative solutions that continue to work, no matter the skin condition.

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