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₱6000 / session
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  • During the facial, you’ll feel a slight warmth from the chemical peel, but it isn’t uncomfortable or painful.
  • After the facial, your skin may appear slightly pink and warm to the touch for a few minutes.


  • Avoid touching your face and resist picking or peeling at scabs or any loose skin.
  • You can go back to your regular skincare routine the day after.
  • Avoid heavy sun exposure and apply sunscreen thoroughly and regularly.
  • If you’d like a cleanse, make sure to book it before your appointment.
₱6000 / Session
See available packages
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Frequently Asked Questions about
Custom Peel

How long does this facial peel treatment take?

Up to 15 minutes, including preparation.

When will I see the results of this facial peeling treatment? How long will they last?

The results are instant, but to maximize the long-term benefits (the effects get even better over time!), we suggest you schedule your facials every 2 weeks to start.

How long is the recovery period for this chemical peel? Are there side effects?

After your facial, you’re free to go about your day as usual—no need to cancel any plans.

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