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    Medical-grade treatment plan customized to your needs
    We're bringing the dermatologist to you. Experience the most convenient dermatology visit ever!
    What they're saying
    "I had a great first time experience at Remedy Skin. The online consultation was comprehensive. The dermatologist really explained to me the condition of my skin, my skin care habits, the treatment plan, and how it will affect my skin. The dermatologist was very patient with my queries. All in all, it was a good experience."
    “The online consultation was very pleasant. It started promptly. It had the feel of actually seeing a doctor since we went through history and other related matters that may have an effect on my skin issues. I appreciate the detailed explanations and guide as to how to go about my skincare routine. I don’t know how to put this better, but it felt like a real medical consultation (like you would for other issues) and not just the typical dermatologist clinic consultation. It went more than ‘skin-deep’ in terms of addressing my concerns. No pun intended.”
    "The online consultation was very helpful and informative! Comparing it with other skin clinics, I can say that Remedy’s mission is really to help its patients achieve their skin goals! The dermatologist was very kind and thorough in explaining every step of the skincare regimen and the treatments suited for our concerns."
    “I have no regrets availing the online consultation because it is so worth it. The dermatologist patiently dealt with my problems, explained everything to me in detail and even corrected my practices. I am so happy and satisfied because I have learned a lot from her. In fact, I was a bit embarrassed because we talked for a really long time. I had so many questions but the dermatologist didn’t mind. I can say that Remedy is really concerned about their patients. Thank you Remedy!”
    "The consultation with the dermatologist was very informative. She pointed out the different probably causes of my skin problems. She recommended a holistic approach to healing and taking care of the skin."
    “Yesterday’s consultation was perfect! I’ve been through other dermatologists but the one with Remedy’s was very detailed and accommodated my concerns, from lifestyle to the actual treatments. Basically, you can ask anybody at Remedy and they can assist you with your concerns.”
    “The consultation was really helpful, made me realize everything I was doing wrong with my skin! I also really love how I’m able to connect with the clinic with just a quick DM. Looking forward to continuing my clear skin journey with Remedy.”
    “The online consultation was in total a very good experience. The dermatologist addressed my skin concerns and was very kind and accommodating enough to explain everything thoroughly. She wasn’t like other dermatologists that could get intimidating. Indeed , this set-up is a very good replacement for the normal consultation this time of a pandemic.”