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The Hollywood Laser Facial, Explained

Get a comprehensive solution to prevalent skin problems with a treatment made for the stars.

Remedy Team

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Whether it’s due to an increase in stress, the ever-present pollution in the air, abrupt weather changes, or simply the passing of time, it goes without saying that our skin’s health is affected by various factors that are out of our control.

With our own share of horror stories on skin concerns (e.g. acne, hyperpigmentation, skin aging), we at Remedy understand how overwhelming and confusing it can get when trying to understand how your own skin works. Not to mention the frustrating feeling of foraging through the market for regimens that live up to their promise.

Because of this, we’ve been dedicated to cutting through the skincare noise and removing the guesswork from your skincare journey. By crafting facials that were made to deliver results, we’re making healthier skin a reality for everyone, in the most straightforward ways possible. One of which, would be our Hollywood Laser Facial, a treatment that gently targets all skin layers to furnish a radiant glow after each session.

At a Glance

Best for providing complete rejuvenation and the perfect camera-ready glow, the Hollywood Laser Facial makes use of techniques backed by science and expertise. Its name originates from the laser technology our clinic uses—the exact ones used for celebrity facials in Hollywood. To leave you with a look ready for the red carpet, we conduct a 3-step laser treatment:

  1. YAG Laser: To stimulate collagen production and tighten the skin, we begin the facial using the YAG Laser. Through this step, we also treat signs of aging, reduce pore size, lighten dark marks, improve superficial scars, and overall skin tone.
  2. Carbon Laser: While promoting skin renewal, the Carbon laser targets and kills acne-causing bacteria. This state-of-the-art laser prevents breakouts from occurring and reduces oil production.
  3. Laser Genesis: As a final step, our Laser Genesis works to reverse the effects of skin-damaging and aging to leave the skin with a fresh and healthy glow.

As with most of our laser treatments, the technology used in the Hollywood Laser Facial is non-invasive and gentle to the skin. So if you’re one to fear the beams, there’s no need to fret as you can expect a pain-free session. Notably, the treatment works well for those who are on the go as it only takes 15 minutes to provide instant results with zero downtime.

Treatments You Can Trust

From acne to skin damage to premature aging, the Hollywood Laser Facial proves to be a promising match for the most prevalent skin concerns. Through comprehensive laser treatments like these, we strive to provide solutions that make optimal skin health simple and accessible. After all, your skincare journey is ours too–and it doesn’t have to be complicated. Using only the most efficient methods and cutting-edge technology, we’ll cure and treat your skin’s problems for you to step into the limelight with the healthy glow that you deserve.

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