Skin Concerns

What’s hiding behind the mask?

Skincare mistakes that lead to maskne.

Remedy Team

How do you deal with breakouts and skin irritations in a time when wearing face masks and face shields are the new normal? First, observe your habits.

Tip 1: Wear a clean mask each time.

It’s obvious, but sometimes we need a hard reminder that wearing used masks gives us higher chances for breakouts. Our face masks can easily trap and accumulate pore-clogging, acne-causing bacteria and debris like sweat, dirt, and oil. So don’t make things worse by not disposing of your disposable masks after every use or regularly washing your fabric masks. Not only can this pose threats to your health, this can also lead to your next big pimple!

Always reach for a fresh, clean face mask before heading out. And remember to change the filters of your reusable face masks.

Tip 2: Wash your face before and after wearing your mask.

Don’t make your face an immediate breeding ground for breakout-causing bacteria by not washing your face both before and after wearing your face mask. When bacteria stay accumulated on your skin for too long, you’re basically signing a guarantee for your next big breakout.

The grime, sweat, and friction that come with wearing face masks for too long may contribute to breakouts, so it’s all the more important to gently wash your face BEFORE AND AFTER wearing your face masks with a non-comedogenic, hydrating cleanser.

Tip 3: Take a good look at the products you’re using.

Pimples around your mouth? Your products could have pore-clogging ingredients that could worsen and irritate your skin. Make sure to read your product labels and reach out for non-comedogenic skin care products or any products that go anywhere near your face for that matter — toothpaste, lipstick, sunscreen.

If you aren’t sure which of your products are pore-clogging, feel free to reach out to us!

Tip 4: Moisturize.

Dry skin and wearing face masks are a bad combo. Make sure to soothe your skin that’s been irritated from the friction brought by face masks. Use a non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic moisturizer before wearing your face masks to serve as a protective barrier from the constant friction of your face mask around your skin.

Tip 5: Wipe off your sweat with a clean towel.

It’s hot here in the Philippines. And now that we have to wear our face masks outdoors, it can take mere seconds for us to sweat in our face masks which could stay trapped underneath for hours. Ever once in a while, when you’re socially distanced and in a well-ventilated area, dab your sweat off with a clean towel to keep your skin clear of sweat as much as possible.

Wearing masks will most probably be the norm for a while, but that shouldn’t be an excuse for maskne to be one, too. Follow these simple tips to help prevent breakouts and skin irritation while wearing your masks.

Stay protected and observe good mask hygiene at all times during these unprecedented times! If you have any more questions for us, ask away through Instagram DM or FB Messenger. We’re here to help. Stay safe, everyone!