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SkinPen: The Gold Standard in Microneedling Is Finally at Remedy

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At Remedy, we’re committed to offering the best in dermatological care. Our focus is exceptionally sharp when it comes to acne scars, which we know is a complex issue that demands only the most effective solutions.

As global advancements bring new and improved options, we’re proud to say we’re not just keeping up—we’re leading the way right here in the Philippines. That’s why we’re excited to introduce the latest addition to our range of cutting-edge devices: SkinPen.

What it is

SkinPen is more than just a microneedling device—it’s a symbol of dermatological innovation. Originating in the United States, this award-winning FDA-cleared device results from years of meticulous research and rigorous clinical trials.

Developed with a focus on safety, efficacy, and patient comfort, SkinPen is engineered to a medical-grade standard. It’s not a one-size-fits-all tool; it’s customizable to fit individual skin concerns and types. Thanks to its precise engineering, SkinPen offers consistency and reliability that sets it apart in the microneedling world.

At its core, SkinPen creates more than 3 million controlled micro-injuries in the skin, kickstarting the body’s natural healing mechanisms. This initiates a three-phase transformation in your skin:

  1. Inflammation. As the microneedles pierce the skin, your body’s immune system springs into action. It disinfects the affected area, removes debris, and enhances blood circulation—all of which set the stage for new tissue formation.
  2. Proliferation. The tiny channels created by SkinPen become the foundation for new granulation cells, which are rich in collagen proteins. Alongside, a fresh network of blood vessels takes shape.
  3. Remodeling. Over time, new dermal tissues rich in collagen and elastin proteins emerge. These vital proteins enhance the texture and quality of your skin, visibly diminishing facial acne scars and neck wrinkles. The result is a smoother, more radiant, and youthful-looking complexion.

Through this meticulously engineered process, SkinPen stimulates the body’s innate healing ability and delivers visible, transformative results in skin quality, making it the go-to choice for skin rejuvenation and texture improvement.

Over the years, SkinPen has evolved, incorporating feedback from dermatologists and patients alike to continuously refine its performance. Today, it’s the most trusted name in microneedling, not just for treating acne scars but also for rejuvenating aging skin and improving skin texture.

What sets it apart

Let’s dive into what made SkinPen set new benchmarks in dermatological treatments:

It’s clinically proven

With the backing of over 90 validated clinical studies demonstrating its safety and efficacy, SkinPen stands as a leader in the microneedling field. But that’s not all; it boasts five years of global market experience and an impressive 96% satisfaction rate. The best part? These skin improvements are not just quick and efficient; they’re also long-lasting and require minimal downtime.

It’s the gold standard for safety

SkinPen isn’t just the first FDA-cleared microneedling device and procedure; it sets an unparalleled benchmark for safety standards globally. Beyond its FDA clearance, SkinPen is the world’s first microneedling device to earn a Class IIa CE Certification from the British Standards Institution and a Medical Device Single Audit Program (MDSAP) certification, meeting both US and European safety standards, among others. 

But there’s more to its accolades. Crown Aesthetics, the creators of SkinPen, have received multiple global awards for this groundbreaking system that employs “collagen induction therapy.” Adding to its global authorization, it’s ISO-certified, CE-marked, and TGA-approved. These diverse certifications and global recognitions make SkinPen the most trusted option for safe and effective microneedling.

It’s consistently reliable

SkinPen’s automated oscillating system isn’t just fast—it’s consistently precise, creating over 3 million controlled micro-injuries across the treatment area. This level of uniformity is critical for achieving consistent, optimal results.

It’s globally recognized

SkinPen has consistently won high praise, including back-to-back NewBeauty Awards and distinctions from The Aesthetic Guide. Most recently, it earned the title of Best Non-Surgical Treatment in 2022. These accolades make it the most awarded device in skin remodeling. These collective honors speak volumes, but don’t just take our word for it—see the full list of accolades in the table below to understand why SkinPen sets the gold standard in skincare innovation.

The benefits

While we’ve talked about the engineering and science behind SkinPen, what matters most are the real-world benefits you’ll experience. Here’s a comprehensive look at what SkinPen can deliver, especially when improving acne scars, fine lines, wrinkles, and stretch marks:

How it’s done

Let’s delve into the specifics of what a SkinPen treatment at Remedy entails, from the top-notch components of the device to the intricacies of the treatment process.

The parts

Built in the United States, SkinPen is engineered with safety and performance in mind. Its motorized handpiece is made from medical-grade materials selected for its durability and comfort. Alongside this, the device includes a disposable cartridge housing 14 fine precision needles crafted from top-tier Japanese stainless steel that has been validated for sharpness, efficacy, and consistent penetration depth.

Taking individual patient safety and convenience further, SkinPen offers an all-in-one treatment kit that elevates the entire procedure. Each single-use kit includes:


Before you begin, you’ll consult with one of our board-certified dermatologists. They’ll evaluate your skin’s condition and discuss your concerns to determine if SkinPen is right for you.


From start to finish, you can expect the treatment to take approximately an hour to an hour and a half, depending on the area. Here’s the step-by-step process:

  1. Preparation. Your skin will be cleansed to remove any makeup or impurities.
  2. Numbing. A topical numbing cream is applied to ensure your comfort.
  3. Microneedling. The SkinPen device is moved across the skin, creating over 3 million controlled micro-injuries in the skin, stimulating collagen and elastin production.
  4. Post-treatment. After the microneedling is complete, a Premium Biocellulose Masque will be applied, designed to cool and soothe the skin.


After the procedure, you may experience mild redness and swelling, but these symptoms subside within 24 to 48 hours. Patients notice a gradual improvement in their appearance over several weeks until they reach maximum results at three to six months post-treatment.


SkinPen is far from your average microneedling device. As an FDA-cleared, U.S.-manufactured innovation, it’s a symbol of quality and safety. The device boasts medical-grade stainless steel needles and a pioneering BioSheath, setting a new standard in microneedling treatments. It promises noticeable improvements in acne scars, fine lines, and skin texture, giving you more than a temporary fix. The positive changes in your skin are enduring, maturing over several weeks, and reaching their peak at three to six months. In a landscape filled with options, SkinPen offers something more—a long-lasting transformation that you can see and feel.

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