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Getting Beach-Ready With Remedy’s Body Brite Treatment

Remedy Team

With summer in full swing this April, you’re probably planning your beach days and getting ready for some sun now that warmer weather is just around the corner. You’ve probably bought a new bathing suit, looked into some cute sandals, and begun stockpiling sunscreen. But, if you’re like many people looking forward to a long, hot summer, you might be hesitant to show off your skin.

Because the sun, sand, and saltwater are calling, it only makes sense that your skincare routine and your trips to your clinic and dermatologist should be at the ready! Here at Remedy, helping you feel comfortable in your own skin is one of the things we value the most—this is why we make it a point to cut through the common clutter of Philippines-based skincare to provide you with a simple solution to all of your skin woes. In addition to that, we often hear from our patients and observe a common objective to target problematic skin areas and achieve their skin goals. That’s why we offer a variety of treatments that target problem areas to achieve brighter and even skin tone—and our Body Brite treatments are the most effective way to remove dark areas and refine the overall tone of your skin.

Banish darkness with Body Brite

You don’t even have to wait until summer to get your beach body ready—Remedy’s Body Brite can give you smooth, glowing skin all year round!

Body Brite is a body whitening treatment that targets stubborn dark patches of skin that can make you feel self-conscious and prevent you from thoroughly enjoying your summer vacation. It safely targets dark skin in its deepest layers to brighten it and restore its smooth and healthy appearance. Not only that, but we provide this treatment to people of all skin types! So, no matter how your skin looks or feels at the moment, we can help you get your skin ready for the season.

What you can expect from Body Brite

After a series of treatments done progressively over time, you will notice a significant improvement in your problem areas. And, with expert technicians monitoring your progress throughout the process, you can relax knowing you’re in capable hands.

Because the technology is painless and straightforward, there’s no downtime or recovery period after your treatment. One treatment only takes 15 to 30 minutes—depending on the area you wish to tackle, and we offer a lot! Take your pick from Body Brite treatments catered for your underarms, elbows, knees, nape and neck, leg scars, and even sensitive parts like the bikini, and buttocks! Plus, it’s gentle on the skin, so there are no side effects or discomfort involved in the process.

The step-by-step process behind Body Brite

Your Body Brite treatment begins with a necessary foundation: a gentle cleansing of your skin to prepare it for the procedure.

Following this, we begin with the first step: we’ll apply nanoparticle carbon lotion to the problem area you want to take care of. We do this to ensure maximum laser penetration. The carbon particles are vaporized during your treatment to ensure that dead skin is safely exfoliated and skin impurities are eliminated. This stimulates cell renewal, improves texture, and reduces chicken skin for smoother and healthier skin.

For the second step, we move on to the actual laser toning. To effectively lighten stubborn areas of your skin, we use deep, penetrating laser technology capable of shattering unwanted pigments. You’ll feel a warm and gentle snapping sensation with a popping sound during this part of the procedure, and you’ll smell the carbon as the laser vaporizes it in real-time.

TLDR (Too Long, Didn’t Read):

Body Brite is a body whitening treatment that can help you feel more confident in your skin no matter what season it is. Unlike topical creams, Body Brite can actually reduce the appearance of unwanted dark spots by targeting and whitening these dark areas with superior US FDA-approved technology.

This non-invasive laser treatment uses medical-grade laser technology that is more effective and fast-acting than conventional treatments and topical treatments alone. Body Brite is specifically designed to target superficial and deep pigments to safely lighten and smoothen stubborn dark areas.

For results that you’ll be happiest with, we highly recommend that you avail of our 3-session and/or 6-session packages for more linear and permanent results. We have hundreds of happy clients who’ve tried our exceptional treatments and seen fantastic results, and we’re confident that this will work for you.

Experience the Remedy difference with our Body Brite treatments, and walk out looking as radiant as ever! Book an appointment today by contacting us at +63 917 873 6339 / +63 2 7975 7984, Instagram (, Facebook (@remedyph), and