Skin Concerns

Breaking out after a workout?

Maybe it’s time to look into your workout habits.

Remedy Team

Home workouts have been one of the most trending searches online during this quarantine. And while there’s a myriad of benefits exercise has for our health, (including our skin), there are some workout habits we can all be guilty of which lead to acne. But this doesn’t mean you have to completely cut off your favorite workouts! There are steps you can take to clear up skin while getting your sweat on. Are you guilty of any of these habits?

1. Wearing makeup during a workout

Since people are working out at home nowadays, makeup may not be as much of an issue anymore. But for when quarantine is over, here’s why it may not be smart to wear makeup to the gym. Makeup seals your skin and covers your pores. When you workout, your body cools down by opening up your pores and sweat glands. While this happens, your makeup mixes with oil and sweat, which clogs your pores even further and prevents sweat from exiting your skin. This results in breakouts, blackheads, and skin irritation.

The solution? Plain and simple! Make sure to completely remove all your makeup and always start your workout with a clean face.

2. Wearing tight clothing or the wrong kind of workout fabrics

The main cause of acne is clogged pores. So essentially, when worn during your workout, restrictive and unbreathable clothes have the tendency to collect and trap sweat, oil, and dirt underneath them, clogging your pores.
So what do dermatologists recommend? Wear properly-fitted workout clothes made of breathable fabric. Also, make sure to change out of soiled clothes right after your workout.

3. Using soiled equipment and gear

Remember the last time you used your yoga mats, knee pads, or resistance bands? After each workout, all kinds of acne-causing bacteria may have already spread to your exercise equipment and gear. The next time you use it, you’ll just be inviting these bacteria to come in contact with your skin and clog your pores!
A friendly reminder: always clean your gear before and after your workout.

4. Rubbing off sweat

A popular skin myth is that sweat causes acne. But it’s actually the pressure and rubbing of the skin that can cause irritation! This can be from your towels, headbands, or even just overly aggressive wiping your sweat away.
So pat sweat off, and don’t rub! Remember to also use towels that are gentler on the skin to avoid triggering a breakout!

5. Not showering immediately

When you’re just working out at home, you may feel like it’s okay to put off showering right away. After all, who’s there to judge, right? But every minute you postpone your it gives more time for oil and bacteria  to accumulate!

That’s why it’s better to shower right away with a gentle cleanse to clean the skin without irritation!

Exercise is great for the body and the skin! Follow these expert recommendations and don’t let the fear of breakouts get in between you and your workouts!

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