Skin Concerns

Bacne? We've got your back

Remedy Team

Just because they could easily be covered up doesn’t mean it’s okay to let bacne rule your life. More often than not, people forget to give the other areas of their skin, particularly the back, the same treatment it needs. But did you know, the skin on our backs is notably more prone to acne? This is because of the thicker skin we have on our backs, which explains its higher tendency for blocked pores.

At the end of the day, acne can appear on any part of our skin, so giving our backs the same level of care it deserves may actually help alleviate the problem. With all this in mind, you might think you’re already following all the right tips, tricks, and skincare hacks, but living in a humid, tropical country like the Philippines requires us to put in the extra effort into our daily routines. Here are some of the ways to get them off your back.

1. Changing out of sweaty clothes

It’s not surprising that sweat causes acne. But what makes things even worse is when sweat is trapped under tight, unbreathable clothes. And, let’s face it, it’s so easy to sweat in the Philippines, so chances are you don’t get to change your clothes as often as you need to. Sweaty, soiled clothes attract more bacteria and allow dirt to be clogged into pores, so the longer you have that sweaty top on, the higher chances of bacne. Let’s also take note that choosing the right, breathable fabrics for our skin are also important for preventing body acne.

2. Showering right after a workout

Unlike the previous step, changing out of clothes is not enough after excessively sweating, especially from a workout, as this causes an even bigger build up of grime, bacteria, and oil on your skin, leading to more chances of acne. So it’s better to maintain proper hygiene and shower as soon as possible to not allow these acne-causing bacteria prolong and clog your pores. Aside from our bodies, the clothes we use to workout also heavily attract bacteria, so it’s just as crucial to have our workout clothes washed right away so that dirt will stop accumulating. Don’t let exercise get in between you and clear skin!

3. Washing your hair thoroughly

Products that we apply on the hair can also trigger breakouts! This includes hair wax gel, even your shampoo and conditioner! These products combined with scalp’s natural oils can block pores and trigger a bacne breakout. Washing our hair more thoroughly, with acne-safe products will definitely keep oil-attracting dirt off our backs.

4. Changing your bed sheets more often

Our beds may be the first thing we’d want to crash into after a long day of work, but it’s also a great place for oil, bacteria, and dead skin cells to build up. Changing our bed sheets once a week will help make sure we’re not giving acne the permission to pop up into our lives.

5. Seeking professional help

With all that’s said and done, don’t be discouraged if your bacne still won’t get any better. Consider this a sign that it’s time to seek professional help. We offer clinically-proven treatments personalized to your needs! Together, we’ll target the root cause of your bacne and put an end to it once and for all.