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A New Way to Take Care of Yourself

Remedy Team

Self-care, wellness, longevity, immunity. Over the last year, we’ve been bombarded by these terms that seemed like pre-pandemic fads. Now that we’ve gone through the wringer, we know that health is and should be our number one priority.

But being healthy has also gotten more difficult as we’ve had to navigate an infinite number of blogs, videos, Instagram accounts, apps, and e-commerce spaces dedicated to health and wellness. Add a confusing mix of news of what works and what doesn’t and sometimes contradictory advice (remember all the advice and flip-flopping about face masks?), and you’ve probably found yourself lost in the health maze.

The pandemic also forced many of us to undergo massive lifestyle changes for those on the road to health. Our gyms are closed, we work from home (some of us fully transitioning to remote work), order more takeout, interact less with our friends and family, and generally spend less time outside. The rhythms of our daily routines have been upended, and we’re still going through a slow process of adapting to our new, post-COVID reality. Part of this new reality is knowing that this won’t be the last pandemic, and if there’s a lesson to be learned, the best thing you can do for your health is building a strong immune system and resilient body.

Pre-pandemic but accelerated by the dramatic changes COVID has caused, came an idea from two healthcare professionals and enthusiasts. They spent years researching wellness and wanted to share their philosophy and learnings in living well. They did not want to create a brand that served as a one-stop wellness shop but to launch a movement revolving around smart self-care. Their goal is to demystify wellness—especially products like supplements—to empower people to confidently make the right choices for their well-being.

After years of research and self-testing, toiling through the myths and false promises, they created a cause-driven brand, with every product meticulously developed to work for you 24/7, 365—and that brand is A Study Of.

What is A Study Of?

A Study Of is a wellness brand designed for our modern world. Our mission is to empower those who want to live well in simple yet highly impactful ways. We’re obsessed with developing clean, straightforward, and science-backed products to solve your health quandaries. Our supplements are formulated to effortlessly boost the mind and body’s potential, leading to a healthier, more productive, and fulfilled life—a sound mind and body.

What can I expect from A Study Of?

You can expect a line of thoughtfully curated, science-backed supplements that will empower you to make smarter choices about your health. We believe that the key to your well-being is to be well-informed, which is why our brand is founded on giving you clear and accessible information on our supplements. There’s no fuss and no worries—just pure goodness and the clear-cut how’s and why’s.

Where do I start exploring A Study Of?

One of the very first things we’re taught in health class is that sleep is essential. We’ve learned that we need to sleep a certain amount of hours every night to function properly in our day-to-day activities. We’ve also learned that there are both short and long-term consequences to cutting our sleeping time, even if it’s just for an hour or two.
In our bustling world where productivity reigns and work is never-ending, our windows for rest are getting smaller and smaller. While the most obvious solution to this is to sleep less to keep up, it inevitably does more harm than good. Our bodies aren’t meant to adapt to less sleep, and a far better solution is to make sure that the rest we’re getting is actually restful and invigorating.

Because of this, melatonin supplements have increasingly become popular, and with good reason. Melatonin is the hormone your body produces in response to darkness, making you drowsy, and naturally, you’ll want to take melatonin supplements to sleep better.

However, an effective sleep aid is more than just melatonin in a capsule. If you’ve found that these supplements alone don’t do the job, there are heaps of other potent ingredients that can and should be used alongside melatonin to prepare your mind and body for a good night’s sleep.

Cue A Study of Sleep.

What is A Study of Sleep?

A Study of Sleep is a supplement crafted to be the ultimate aid in getting a restful slumber, and then some. All you need to do is take two capsules 30 minutes before your bedtime and enjoy its effects as it brings you the good night’s rest you deserve.

You’ve heard of melatonin pills, patches, gummies, what have you—and if you’re part of the population who don’t think that these supplements work, you can give A Study of Sleep a try.

What makes A Study of Sleep different?

Compared to your standard melatonin supplements, A Study of Sleep is packed with a blend of magnesium, potent plant extracts, and melatonin designed to help lull your mind, body, and nerves into the evening and give you a deep, energizing sleep.

Let’s break down the anatomy of an ASO Sleep capsule:

What is the ASO Sleep experience?

Imagine this: after a long day of working and running errands, you’re ready to wind down. You take two capsules of A Study of Sleep, do your tried-and-true evening skincare routine, and prepare to settle in for the night. The curtains are closed, there’s ambient lighting across the room, music faintly playing over the speakers, and your bed is ready.

Compared to your standard melatonin supplement, it only takes around 30 minutes for ASO Sleep to take effect, and before you know it, you’re in a deep, peaceful, energizing slumber. In fact, after conducting a trial run with 36 consumers, 89% said that ASO Sleep helped improve their sleep quality. Even better, 94% of those consumers said that the supplements alleviated their sleep problems.

So, you’re sleeping undisturbed until you’re awoken by your morning alarm. When you do wake up, you won’t feel drowsiness and lethargy, as 83.3% of our consumers have agreed. As a matter of fact, you’ve woken up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. No more snoozing or rolling over, just a smooth transition from waking up to getting a move on your morning routine.

The rest is simple: You’ll go about your day in lifted spirits and be productive as ever, all thanks to a good night’s rest.

Interested? Click here to purchase your first bottle, and enter a world of restful slumber.